Inflatable hot tub MSPA - Camaro black - Ø180cm round 4-person luxury jacuzzi, faux leather, pump, heating, air pump, filter, cover, padlock, outdoor relaxing therapy, bubbles (2&4 person)

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Camaro Ø180cm black faux leather luxury inflatable hot tub 

Colour: Black

Included in this offer

- Built-in filtration system
- Repair kit
- Filter cartridge
- Insulating cover with zip
- Combination padlock
- Adapter evacuation watering pipe
- Hosepipe adapter
- Pressure gauge
- Instructions
- Assembly DVD

Detailed features

Exterior dimensions: Ø185x70cm
Interior dimensions: Ø140x70cm
Water capacity: 700L
Water level: 55cm at the recommended level
Filtration: 1000 litres per hour
Overall power: 2100W (220V-240V, 50Hz)
Blower: 600W, 120 jets of air
Max. temperature. : 42°C
Heating: 1500W of 1.5 to 2°C / hour
Features on the pump: Screen, temperature adjustment, bubbles, heating and filtration (buttons can be locked)
Cable length: 3.5m
Thick, 6-layer, Rhino-Tech PVC lining
Black stitched faux leather PVC outer coating
Adapter to remove water
Hosepipe adapter: 90cm
Removable zipped insulating cover 
Combination padlock
Repair kit included (patches)
Maximum recommended capacity: 4 adults

Standards: CE/GS

Package dimensions:

Package 1/1: 66 x 44 x 64cm (28kgs)

Chemical products, such as bromine and pH items, are not included. You will need to obtain them separately.
You will find extra filters and other maintenance items for sale in our online catalogue.

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  • Farbe: Schwarz
  • Fassungsvermögen: 700 L
  • Filtrierung: 1 320 L/h
  • Form: Rund
  • Garantie: Becken 6 Monate, Elektronik 1 Jahr
  • Größe: Ø180 cm
  • Leistung: 2 100 W (220V~240V, 50Hz)
  • Länge des Netzkabels: 5,3 m
  • Material: Kunstleder
  • Max. Kapazität (Personen): 4 Erwachsene
  • Maximale Temperatur: 42 °C
  • Montagezeit: 10 min
  • Normen: CE / GS
  • Verwendung: Nur für den Hausgebrauch


Exterior dimensions: Ø185x70cm
Interior dimensions: Ø140x70cm


  • Abmessungen Karton

    Karton 1: L66xl44xh64 cm - 28kg

Camaro Camaro Ø180cm 4-person inflatable hot tub MSPA, black leather, with built-in pump, heating, air pump, filter and cover

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