BUIS lean-to 3m² polycarbonate greenhouse with base, 1 adjustable skylight, gutter, 4mm polycarbonate, lean-to greenhouse

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    • Protects plants from the cold, bad weather and direct sunlight
    • Ideal for growing plants
    • Easy to assemble
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    BUIS 3m² lean-to polycarbonate, wall-leaning GREENHOUSE

    This polycarbonate greenhouse is perfect for growing fruits and vegetables. It provides an ideal climate for growing plants by protecting them during winter and boosting growth during summer months. Its compact design lets you grow your own fruit and vegetables even if you only have a small garden.



    4mm polycarbonate

    Diagonal supports

    Made from 4mm double layered alveolar polycarbonate, this greenhouse is well-insulated and very sturdy. Polycarbonate is both lightweight and 100 times stronger than glass. The wall density is 520g/m².


    The frame is made from a 1mm anodised aluminium, which makes this greenhouse long-lasting. Aluminium doesn't rust. The greenhouse has a number of diagonal braces for extra stability.


    Perfect climate to grow plants


    Easy to open

    The polycarbonateis anti-UV treated which prevents up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays from penetrating the cover. It also allows natural light to be evenly distributed and provides added insulation. This helps maintain a constant temperature and creates a climate that's perfect for growing plants.


    Greenhouses need air flow, this greenhouse has a polycarbonate and aluminium skylight. The skylight can be kept fully or partially open and be securely closed. It also has a practical sliding door. It's easy to open and won't slam shut on windy days.


    Easy Assembly

    Assemble without clips

    Set up your greenhouse on a flat surface. If possible, place it on a sunny spot away from trees that could block sunlight. This greenhouse comes in a flat pack and can be assembled without using clips. The kit includes a base frame and galvanised steel brackets for added stability. We recommend that you install it on a solid surface such as a poured concrete floor or concrete slabs, and then anchor it to the ground in order to prevent wind damage.


    integrated gutter



    This greenhouse has an integrated gutter. This allows for rainwater collection which you can use to water your plants and seedlings.

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    • Montage: Der Aufbau ist sehr einfach, eine Bedienungsanleitung wird mitgeliefert.
    • Garantie: 2 ans
    • Verwendung: Nur für den Hausgebrauch


    Greenhouse: 251x122x196cm
    Ground surface area: 3m²
    Ridge height (including the base unit): 230.50cm
    Side panel height: 124cm
    Door: 151x61cm
    Skylight: 58x50cm



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      Karton 1: L132xl63xh9 cm - 8kg

      Karton 2: L254xl14xh20 cm - 22kg

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